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2019 MDRA Track Survey 

The Tracks committee is in the process of setting up the 2019 Racing Schedule.  In order to do this we need some information from you.  We need to know what tracks you would prefer to race at this year.  As in years past we will use this information to help set the schedule.  Itís very important that you submit your survey by February 15, 2019.

Please indicate which tracks you want to race at by voting for that track.  You have eight (8) votes to cast. You may vote one vote for eight different tracks or you may vote four times for two tracks or any combination that adds up to eight. You may not vote more than 4 times for one track.  If you cast more than eight votes, we wonít count your ballot.  If you donít fill in your name and class we wonít count your ballot. Sportsman members are excluded from this process.
Only 2019 competition members may vote in this track selection process.




Brainerd International Raceway

Cedar Falls

 Eddyville Raceway

Grove Creek Raceway

Interstate Raceway

Rock Falls Raceway

Thunder Valley Raceway

Tri-State Raceway