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2015 Bracket I
 1. Myron Streit 3238 
 2. Brandon Schmall 2890 
 3. Mel Knott 2644 
2015 Bracket II
 1. Mel Knott 3939 
 2. Brandon Schmall 2963 
 3. Jenna Jahnke 2939 
2015 GSTA Jr. Dragster Series
 1. Wyatt Knott 1724 
 2. Paige Findell 1017 
 3. Carter Lindquist 678 
2015 Sportsman
 1. Jordan Pratt 1607 
 2. Scott Dugdale 841 
 3. Jamie Picht 510 
2015 Trophy
 1. Jon Ahmann 1538 
 2. Kathy Stockton 1021 
 3. Tim Meirick 975 
2015 MDRA Race Schedule

2015 Spring Meeting

Perfect Run Challenge

2015 Membership Drive


2015 MDRA Race Schedule

2015 Bracket Schedule        2015 Sportsman Schedule                                                        

 June 13  Brainerd     113 points            

   June 14  Brainerd   113 points                 Best 5 out of First 8 races in NHRA or

   June 27  Grv Creek 107 points                                   IHRA Competition

      * ( June 28 rain date GCR)                          Bracket races or Gamblers races

   July 11   Brainerd    113 points                                do not count.

      *(July 12 rain date for any of the               Points will be the same as last year.

       1st 3 BIR races)   

   July 25  Cedar Falls 121 points                 Points have to be reported within two

   July 26  Cedar Falls 121 points                 weeks after event.  NO EXCEPTIONS

   Aug. 16  Rock Falls  109 points      

   Aug. 29  Rock Falls  109 points               Contact Scott Dugdale to report points

        *Aug. 30 rain date for either                  or questions  651-395-2221 or mail

          Rock Falls race.                                    Points to the MDRA  P. O. Box


2015 Trophy Schedule          2015 Jr Dragster Schedule 

   June 13  Brainerd     113 points          June 13  Brainerd     113 points

   June 14  Brainerd     113 points                       June 14  Brainerd     113 points

   June 27 Grv Creek    107 points                      June 27  Grv. Creek  107 points

         *(June 28 rain date GCR)                                    *(June 28 rain date GCR)

   July 11 Brainerd        113 points                      July 11 Brainerd        113 points

         *July 12 rain date for any of the                         *(July 12 rain date for any of the

           1st3 BIR races)                                                        1st 3 BIR races)

   July 25 Cedar Falls    121 points                     July 25  Cedar Falls   121 points

   July 26 Cedar Falls    121 points                     July 26  Cedar Falls   121 points

   Aug. 16  Rock Falls    109 points                     Aug. 15  Rock Falls    109 points

   Aug. 29  Rock Falls    109 points                     Aug. 29  Rock Falls    109 points

          *(Aug 30 rain date for either                               *(Aug. 30 rain date for either

            Rock Falls race)                                                      Rock Falls race)


Bracket, trophy and Junior racers remember to sign in at the races.  All vehicles in competition must have MDRA decals visibly displayed on both sides of the car.

2015 Spring Meeting

Come and join us for the Spring Meeting at the American Motorsports Bar and Grill in Cottage Grove on Saturday, March 21st. We will have appetizers and a bar will be set up in the meeting room at 6 P.M. The meeting will start at 7. We have invited representatives from area tracks to speak about their 2015 programs. There will be a Practice Tree race you can enter after the business portion of the meeting concludes. Bring a friend and sign up to be members! The "Car Bar" has a great menu so you could arrive a little early and eat dinner there, too.

Perfect Run Challenge

MDRA will award $500 to a MDRA Competitive Member recording a perfect run during Eliminations at a 2014 MDRA points race in the MDRA class registered. There is a new submission form for download on the web site.

2015 Membership Drive

The board has decided to have a membership sign up contest for next season.  Current members will have the opportunity to win $100 in a drawing at the Spring Meeting.  To be eligible, you have to convince someone to join MDRA for the 2015 season who wasn’t a member in 2014.  They can be first time members or ones who have not renewed lately. 
          With each new member signed up, you will get your name in the hat for the drawing. To make sure you get credit for signing up that member, make sure that their application form has your name at the bottom as the one who referred them.  Simple enough and good luck!


 This award has been created to honor and    remember our fellow drag racer, friend, and son, Dan who gave his life for our nation on July 17, 2009.
The criteria for receiving this award:
Nominated by another MDRA driver.
Must be a current MDRA competition member.
Should attend some MDRA races in the season.
Someone who conveys spirit for the sport, is helpful, and displays compassion for others.

The nomination should include a short explanation of
why this member would be deserving of this award.

Our 2013 recipient is Mel Knott!


If you have ideas or comments for the web site, please call the Hot Line - 612-547-6372

Hot Line - 612-547-6372